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What is Tiger Kids

Tiger Kids aspires to inspire a positive attitude towards sports starting from young. This platform provides sports exposure programmes to young children between 2 and 6 years of age, specifically in cricket, multisports, soccer and tennis. 

Tiger Kids also aids in the overall development of children during this vital stage of their physical, mental and emotional development. 


Our Programmes

Under Tiger Kids, we focus on making sports lessons fun, enjoyable, and useful for kids. Classes are very hands-on and are specially designed to ensure that they are on par with the students' developmental stages. Besides improving coordination, psychomotor skills and balance (to name a few), children will also learn how to manage their emotions (such as stress and anxiety), alongside mental development (such as concentration and critical thinking).


Alongside sports programs, Tiger Kids also provides services for birthday parties and events for toddlers and young children. From sports activity booths to multisports workshops, Tiger Kids provides flexible, personalised services to cater to our customers' needs.

Physical development (e.g. agility, balance, coordination)
mental development (e.g. attention, thinking, memory)
emotional development (e.g. stress management, empathy)

sports for young children



Coach mogun

Tennis, Multisports, Cricket coach

Coach selan

Tennis, Multisports coach

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Junior Coach Helmi

Soccer, Multisports coach

Coach raghavan

Cricket coach


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