Why tennis is the sport for you?

Tennis - a racket sport that you can be played individually (singles) or between two teams of two players (doubles). It is played by millions of recreational and competitive players and is also one of the most-watched worldwide. Tennis has an extensive following all over the world. Although it is predominantly prominent in developed countries than in developing countries tennis superstars like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams are known widely around the world and have hundreds of millions of fans throughout the world.

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Tennis in Singapore

In Singapore, tennis is one of the fastest-growing sport. The growth of tennis can be attributed to easy and affordable access to tennis equipment and courts around Singapore. The yearlong summer weather allows Singaporean to play tennis at any time. Even if the weather is not perfect, there are indoor tennis courts in Singapore for you as well. Many Singaporeans pick up tennis as a recreational activity in which they can play with friends and family but others play it competitively too. Adults and kids choose tennis as a sport as it is affordable, easy to pick up, has many health and mental benefits and it’s fun to play!

Benefits of tennis

Tennis provides you with the positive development of physical and mental strength through an enjoyable workout. Research has proven that tennis is one of the healthiest and least injurious sports youths can play. Picking up tennis at a young age will be very beneficial.

Health benefits

Due to the nature of a tennis game, many physical benefits come along with it. Tennis improves your cardiovascular endurance and the movements you use while playing tennis develops balance, agility, and coordination. For some playing tennis is a great way to lose and maintain body weight. As tennis is a non-contact sport you do not need to get worried about getting injured easily.

Other Benefits

Tennis is a sport for a lifetime. It helps you to build self-confidence and self-esteem. It will educate self-discipline, self-reliance, and respect for others. Every time you hit the tennis ball, your focus is honed due to the concentration and decision-making skills that are needed to play the game. The mental strength gained by playing the sport can be brought over to your day to day activities as well.

Tennis is a sport that an entire family can play. Parents can spend valuable and fun time on the courts with their children from a very young age through to the time their children have children of their own. Rallying amongst family members can be very intense and enjoyable.

Studies have proven people who play tennis live longer than others. Tennis has reached out to most parts of the world compared to last time. Today, there are more children playing tennis than ever before. Tennis community broadens its network due to social media’s rapid growth. So why wait, learn tennis in Singapore now!

Get started now

Where to play tennis?

The cost of picking up tennis here in Singapore is arguably affordable. There are at least 14 public tennis centers situated all over the island that you can book for as low as $3.50/hour and almost every condominium has at least one tennis court facility for its residents. Click here to see the list of tennis court facilities in Singapore where you can book the tennis court and start playing tennis. All you need to start playing tennis are two things: a tennis racket and some tennis balls. The cost of an introductory tennis racket and tennis balls are also reasonable. One of the best places to get affordable tennis equipment is at Decathlon.

Learn how to play tennis

These days there are several options to start the sport. You can develop skills, play for fun, and compete for the tournament. There is an adequate amount of opportunities out there in Singapore to develop at your own pace and take part in tennis events with others of similar ability levels in any part of Singapore. You can pick up tennis by joining tennis as a Co-Curricular Activity in your school or join a tennis academy in Singapore.

Arrow Sports is a tennis academy in Singapore that provides group tennis lessons and private tennis lessons around Singapore for kids and adults. Through school holiday camps and mini tournament programs, which are organized yearly twice, kids and adults can interact and enjoy the sport with their new friends. Arrow Sports provides camps, tournaments, group training, social tennis events. Aguda Tennis in Singapore helps competitive kids to further their career into tennis.

Singles/Doubles Tennis

Tennis is mainly considered an individual sport where you develop your skills and represent yourself in competitions, but tennis is also considered a great team game. If you get to watch Davis Cup and Fed Cup you might realize the energy during those tournaments is very different. Most people like to be with their friends and being on a team opens them to learn and play. Most children love the experience of being a part of a team. Team training and matches are advantageous in skill development and in learning how to act in a team's surroundings.

Don’t know where to start your child’s tennis journey? Fret not here’s a tennis checklist to get you going! Click here to check out the tennis checklist for parents.

Competitive Tennis

There are more competitions and tournament play opportunities at the national level and even international levels for you to develop your skills and desire to step into individual challenges.

School tennis tournaments, Interschool tournament is hosted in between schools which has tennis as their CCA. If your child plates tennis in Singapore and you want to make them happy playing tennis, you should be able to find a school which has tennis. Interschool tournaments hosted international schools separately as well.

STA tournaments Most of the local tennis tournaments will be organized through the Singapore Tennis Association. Junior age group single doubles tournaments, Interclub single double tournaments, Intermediate, Open Single Double tournaments, etc

JTTL- Junior Team Tennis League Kids formed into teams and played as a team during this league, In Singapore. Kids get to love to play as a team.


Tennis is a great individual and team sport to learn and experience. Choosing to play tennis will broaden your horizons. You will wreak the health, mental and social benefits of the games. It is never too late to pick it up and give it a go. Finally, a positive experience of learning, playing, competing, and the enjoyment you will have on the tennis court will be one of the greatest memories you will ever have in life. Tennis is a great gift—and one that every kid and adult should experience.

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