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Arrow HIIT allows you to push past your boundaries, testing your mental and physical capabilities through various High-Intensity Exercises. HIIT is tough, however, it is easy to teach and adapt as it involves a lot of calisthenics. You can practice at home with the knowledge and techniques gained through our lessons. In addition, HIIT is fun for everyone, getting in shape is a bonus. A myriad of equipment (provided by us) will be introduced to you to target different muscle groups and overall build a leaner and more toned body that you’ve always desired. ​We have designed HIIT training according to the level of intensity and strength. To follow the safe practices everyone will go through the level prescribed by the coach.

CrossFit Equipment

HIIT Group Training

This programme is designed to have about a 45 mins high-intensity work out in a perfect outdoor settings. The lessons cover from beginner level to advance level fitness requirements. 

Arrow HIIT classes have been conducted in certain locations also ready to reach near your place if you have a group of friends with you who ready to join for fun and efficient Fitness classes.

Group size: 3-6 in a class


Botanic Garden

Saturday           8 am | 9 am

Punggol Park

Tuesday            7 pm | 8 pm

Sunday             8 am | 9 am

Fees & Packages



Monthly (4 Sessions) - $100

Quarterly (12 Sessions) - $270

Arrow Sports sign up - $30 ( Goodie bag with T-shirt )


Family Promotion
$20 off for Monthly Package or $45 off for Quarterly Package on total final bill for Families.*

Student Promotion

$20 off for Monthly Package or $45 off for Quarterly Package on total final bill for Students.*

Sporty Bundle
$20 off of Monthly Package or $45 off of Quarterly Package for students who sign up for 2 or more sports with Arrow Sports.*


Buddies Promotion

If you sign up with your friend $20 off for Monthly Package or $45 off for Quarterly Package on total final bill for Buddies.*


*Terms and Conditions apply. Not valid with any other promotion or discount. Only one promotion can be used for each payment. For full terms and conditions, visit www.arrowsportssg.com/terms-and-conditions

Our HIIT Coaches

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Zachary has had a passion for fitness and sports since he was young. He used to be a badminton player but switched over to golf, powerlifting, and boxing. He has 7 years of powerlifting and boxing experience. He believes "Lifting heavy only gets you halfway there, you need to have flexibility and agility. That's why I like to try a bit of everything to see what I'd like to pursue". He has been providing private coaching for the gym since 2016. He is also medically trained and understand the basic human anatomy thoroughly.