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Arrow Fitness

Our Purpose

Arrow Fitness aspires to provide affordable, convenient and assured fitness solutions in Singapore. We understand that time, cost and convenience are essential factors in our fast-paced society. Hence, our fitness programmes are available in various neighbourhoods around the island to ensure easy accessibility. 


We are passionate about fitness and about motivating others to get fit and healthy through the safest means available. This is why our programmes are open to absolutely anyone and everyone. It doesn't matter if you are a professional sportsperson looking to improve your fitness, a working adult trying to keep fit, a stay-home dad who wants to get fit, or a parent looking for fitness programmes to aid your kid's performance in their chosen sport - we've got you covered.

Fitness Coach Helmi with a tennis student doing tennis fitness lessons under Arrow sports

Our Coaches

Our Coach Team has a mixture of coaches with diverse backgrounds ranging from bodybuilding to dance and sports fitness. Not only are our qualified, young trainers very friendly and helpful, they are also prepared to inspire and train you in the right path towards attaining your personal fitness goals. We also provide dietary consultations to aid your fitness journey and body type transformations.


Our excellent fitness instructors also conduct an array of group fitness classes offline and online for those who just want to sweat it out, have some fun and meet new like-minded individuals!

our Fitness programs

Weight Trainer

personal training

Personalized custom training program based on own goals. Choice of body toning, muscle building, improving fitness level, or power lifting.

Weight Trainer


45 minutes of high-intensity work out in a 3-6 person group, in a perfect outdoor setting. Catered from beginners to advanced fitness levels.

Calorie Count

Diet & Nutrition

Custom made diet plan crafted to suit your goals & needs, be it muscle building, fat loss, etc.

Calorie Count

Sports Fitness

A new, innovative fitness programme designed to help sportspersons get better on court through improving their fitness off court.


coach Selan

Junior coach Helmi

fees & schedule

Kids Running
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