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Arrow Sports was founded by a group of friends from different sports industries who wanted to provide trainings for all kinds of sports under one academy. From adults to kids, the number of constraints one has in accessing sports facilities and acquiring sports training is plentiful in Singapore. Work and school have rendered the average person with little to no time to pursue a sport, and the high cost of learning a sport only increases the inertia to pursue it. 


Arrow Sports aims to break these hurdles with a modern approach to sports coaching that focuses on highly effective training methods. Well organized, well-structured sports, and consistent physical activities are important to perform better at work and in academics, and can also boost teamwork and problem-solving skills while helping to improve and maintain a stress-free healthy lifestyle. We provide personal and group coaching for sports like football, tennis and even personal fitness training in locations all across Singapore, making them more accessible, as well as cost-efficient for you. 


By 2020, Arrow Sports aims to expand its sports coaching to many more different types of sports. By the end of 2019, we aim to have more than 1000 students who are pursuing their dream of learning and playing a sport of their choice, be it for leisure, fitness, or competitively. Ultimately, we aspire to inspire Singapore to be more open to sports, to spark a passion for all types of sports, and to make Singapore a Sports Nation. 

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