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Arrow Sports is a sports management company that offers sports coaching, training plans and classes for aspiring sports people of all ages. Our aim is to go beyond simply offering these services by providing an all-rounded holistic sports experience for those who are interested to pursue sports seriously while still conducting quality classes for those who prefer to do sports leisurely. Our fitness programmes are...

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  By offering a wide array of sports that you can choose to learn, we aim to have at least one of them spark an interest in your journey to leading a healthy lifestyle!

Specially designed sports lessons for toddlers & kids aged 2 - 6.

Crossfit Exercise

Arrow Fitness consists of HIIT lessons, personal training, and dance fit.



Arrow Multi Sports features several sports activities, making it the best program to gain exposure of different sports

multi sports

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Arrow Swimming consists of a variety of meticulously designed training programs to fulfil student's swimming needs.

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Arrow Fitness consists of HIIT lessons, personal training, and dance fit.


Arrow Tennis provides all types of tennis lessons to cover student's needs, regardless of age or experience.

Tiger Kids offers tennis, cricket, football, and multi sports lessons for 2 to 6 year old children. The sports programme aims to help toddlers and young kids in Singapore develop physically and mentally through exposure to different types of sports. This includes development of motor skills, balance, hand-eye coordination, sportsmanship, teamwork, mental strength, and more.

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From private fitness classes to virtual HIIT lessons and tennis fitness for kids, the aim of Arrow Fitness is to make keeping fit enjoyable and meaningful. Our fitness coaches are also capable of providing diet and nutrition advice, planning weight loss routines and curating personalised workout regimes based on individual goals and physical statuses. 


In the day and age of work from home and home-based learning, everyone needs a smartphone and other personal devices to stay connected for work, school and even in our personal lives. Through our Sports Exposure Programme, Arrow Multisports aspires to inculcate a sports positive attitude in young kids as well as adults through the introduction of various sports that will ensure psychomotor development and mental wellbeing maintenance.


Arrow Swimming is committed to increasing the number of swimmers in Singapore. With our meticulously designed variety of swimming training programmes that follow the SwimSafer syllabus, our coaches are well equipped to teach both adults who want to learn the skill, and kids who aim to do the SwimSafer assessments eventually. We also provide private infant and toddler swim lessons. Classes are held at private pools only for the time being.

Be it a private tennis class with one-on-one attention, or a group class with other tennis peers, Arrow Sports provides all types of tennis lessons to suit your individual needs, regardless of age or experience level thanks to our talented coach team who are skilled at handling various levels. With a carefully designed syllabus specifically for tennis, and accessible classes all across the island, the Arrow Tennis lessons are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to pick up tennis - whether leisurely or competitively.

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  • Tennis Coaches Training
    Mon, 04 Jul
    04 Jul, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
    Singapore, SG Compassvale Bow 85, #530558 Singapore 544685
    Learn to Play Tennis 3 coaches training course and refresher


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Come join our coaching team! We are always on a look out for sports coaches to join our family.